5 Remodelling Ideas For Your Bathroom

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You may have just closed the deal on an apartment in Penang and may be excited to give the outdated bathroom a good remodel. However, proceeding without proper planning and sound ideas is a surefire way to flush your funds down the toilet. Bathrooms are one of the first places that homeowners consider for renovation. However, remodelling or renovating your bathroom is no small task. It can make a huge impact on the comfort level and livability of your home, as well as its resale value. It is a solid home investment that can let you reap the benefits for years to come.

Although functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel endeavor, you shouldn’t just pick out everything just for its function alone. Whether it is a simple powder room or a master ensuite bathroom, you should also consider the impact the pieces and fixtures you choose have on your décor and ambience. So, before you start tearing up tiles and picking out a new bathtub, give your bathroom renovation endeavor a boost with a little planning and some inspiration.

Here are 5 design tips that are sure to kick off and inspire your quest for the perfect bathroom.

Dress your walls up

Whatever the form of design you choose for your walls, don’t be afraid to flirt with color and pattern and don’t shy away from boldness. A small space like a powder room or bathroom is a great place to go bold with wall treatments. These tend to be smaller rooms, which means that there is less other furnishing and finishes that would compete and clash with the color or design of your wall treatments. They smaller wall space also means less square meters to cover and less money spent in the long run. There are a multitude of options to choose from. For example, encourage relaxation with a delicate damask, or even choose a chinoiserie wallpaper to evoke a sense of the oriental. You can also mix wallpaper with wood paneling. The options are endless.

Get the hang of it

Placement is one thing that is evident in any successfully designed bathroom. As they say, a place for everything and everything in its place. For example, once you have dedicated place to hang your towel and robes, your bathroom will easily look less messy and more organized. Linens tossed haphazardly on the floor is a surefire way to bring down the luxe factor of your bathroom. So, hang a small hand-towel ring right beside the sink, install a hook for your clothes and bathrobes, and add a towel rod to hang your bath linens. These simple additions cost almost nothing. Although they may be virtually unnoticeable to the average person, they can make a drastic impact on the organization and classiness of your bathroom.

Bring in a touch of brass

Your hardware fixture choices can be a simple way of bringing in more cohesiveness and luxury to your space. The silver-metal look of modern bathrooms can be quite boring and unimaginative. Thus, unite your space by bringing in polished brass and bronze fixtures that not only adds a touch of vintage class, but also has more visual interest than silver metal. For example, you can switch out your hardware such as the faucet, handles, towel rack, shower heads or even the knobs of your cabinets. These can be quite inexpensive to achieve but will give a drastic and lasting impact.

Don’t settle for basic lighting

Your lighting fixture choices can make or break the vibe of your bathroom. Great lighting is important in any space but is particularly vital in the bathroom. Those standard fluorescent light boxes that are the main choice of developers can also instantly cheapen the look of your bathroom. Think about what activities you carry out in the bathroom and install extra lights based on your lifestyle and routine. Do you apply your makeup in the bathroom? Go for a makeup mirror with a built-in light. Do you shave in the shower? Make sure your overhead fixture provides enough light, if not just add a recessed light above the mirror. Do you want more personality and atmosphere in your bathroom? Consider hanging a chandelier for visual interest.

Curate your lighting

Your lighting placement and style is also important; thus, you need to properly curate your choices. One wrong bulb choice, and you might end up looking jaundiced as you put on your makeup. Place a fixture in the wrong spot, and you’ll be shaving in the shadows. Although you may think a single sconce light is romantic, it just doesn’t work. Study your space and incorporate your lighting choices carefully. For example, you should consider your choice of light bulbs and fixture placement. Not only does this ensure that the lighting in your space is used to its full potential, it helps avoid a haunted-house effect that can inevitably be a result of bad choices (for example, bulbs that are too dim). You should aim for a few different sources of lighting, bearing in mind that the goal is to not only make the room pretty but also functional.

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