Liebster Award Nomination #1 by Sakinah

7:16 PTG

Assalamualaikum Hai.

Nampak kan #1? Means akan ada lagi tag tag macamni di akan datang hahaha. Has been tagged by 5 bloggers, so ada lagi 4 entry pending hahaha. Memula cam rajin tak rajin nak jawab tapi soalan soalan korang best sgt ah. Tak mampu nak menolak ekeke. Tag kali ni datangnya daripada Sakinah :)

Questions from Sakinah 

1) What would you do if someone put a trash bag in front of your house?
 Curious siapa yang berperangai camni main letak sampah depan rumah orang pastu kita buang ah haha sebab taktau siapa kann.

2) Do you love beach? Whether it is YES or NO. Give two reasons due to your answer.
 Yes. Sebab view dia nice sangat kalau nak bergambar kahkah.
 No. Sebab panas sunburn aaa susah nak hilang nanti.

3) If you are a student, what kind of uniform do you like to wear?
 Yang bebas. Terpulang masing-masing nak pakai apa hahaha

4) Describe your dream guy.
 Someone who know how to treat me nicely.
 Someone who will be patient with my bad attitude.
 Someone who will accept me for who I am.
 Someone who will not compare me with other girls.
 Someone who is a gentleman.

5) Give me two places you've dream to visit before.
 Venice, Italy.

6) Does blogging is a part of your life? Explain.
 Yes it is. Blogging is a part of my life. I've been blogging for since 2010, which is about 4 years already. Ever since I was in high school and now as a second year student, I have go through everything with my blog. I shared about my life, travel, tips and the best part is review. Either it is a paid job or a sponsored post, I enjoy doing everything which has to be posted in my blog. And all of bloggers event like THIS and THIS. Attending blogger's wedding. Ahh. How would blogging not be part of my life? It is part of my life.

7) Which one is the most important thing to you? Food or Love?

I enjoy Both 

8) I love Japanese food especially sushi. Do you love it too or not? Explain.
 Not love it. Hahaha and I do not have a reason for that. Never try it before.

9) Between Matriculation, Diploma and Fundamental (Asasi), which one you prefer the most?
 Of course Diploma. A 3 years course give you time to relax a bit hahaha but I misuse it by being too relax and end up having not a so good result. Got matric but decided not to go. And yeah, Asasi seems hard for me :p 

10) Im a catslover. How about you?
 Yes or no yes or no yes or no? Emmm maybe yes.

11) Do you have trauma or phobia? Explain.

P/s : Can I not tagging or ask anyone cause I have no idea what to ask which is actually I am lazyyy

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  1. kite pun ada juga kena tag dengan award ni. macam best ja. hihi.
    btw,kite pun nak sangat pergi paris & italy -.-

    1. Hahaha try lah buat Tashira? Hihi. Kan kannn? Cambest hehehe

  2. wan pon tak pernah mkn sushi...mcm pelik je mende tuhh...ahahahaha

  3. Kak dd love beach cam tenangggg jerrr...

  4. mata bf sama haih dgn nad hehehe

    1. Hahaha ye eh? Nad rasa macam lain je sebab mata dia redup semacam lol

  5. paris and venice nak ke sana jugak, kota cinta ^^)

  6. hihihihi i love sushi okay :p

  7. Wah...dream place to visit tu memang stylo..Nad nie mesti orang yang romantik orangnya kan??kan??hahaha


    1. Stylo? :p Hahah alaaa tak romantic mana punnn tp eii cambest aa teringin nak pergi

  8. weewwiittt...nak g paris....nk ekut boleh?hahaha...kota cinta gitu...