Why I want to go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia?

11:40 PTG

Hello & Assalamualaikum.

Its been a long time since I had my vacation. Seems like I already forgot how it feels to be away from city, forget our problems in a moment or enjoy my life like there is no tomorrow. August seems to be a very busy month for me. Could you imagine how can I handle a week full of tests? (Well, its not including my assignments and camp). I seriously need a break! Lucky for me, I found The Butterfly Project which is now giving an opportunity for bloggers to meet up and having some fun at The Lost World of Tambun, and its for free!! Crazy aite?

1. The ETS train.

Everyone knows that ETS train is much more upgrade, comfortable and nice compared to other train. I remembered when Elfira Loy posted her picture in Instagram while she is in the ETS train. And that is how I really attracted to be in the train and gain the same experience as her.

Looks nice huh?

2. Enjoy the theme park.

To be honest, I have been in The Lost World of Tambun. But you know what? We were just drop by. We were just allowed to go to the souvenir shop as the time limit given to be there is like an hour. It drives me crazy to be out there and hearing people screaming from the theme park. What the? I am here right now but I cant even be in the theme park :'(

Poor us. The limit is only here :/

I want thisssss!! :'(

3. Spa with the girls.

To spend my time with beautiful girls is so-called lucky. Hello? Who will let this opportunity passed just like that? All girls love spa and its like seriously.

Hey guys, pray for me please? Hoping that SWAT Team and Butterfly Project will choose me. Yeayyy me lol. Really hope that I will be one of the 30 bloggers who join the vacation. Im looking forward to the invitation guys ;)

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