Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash!

12:19 PTG

Theme : Blue. Again, Blue!

Okay firstly, Happy 5th Birthday to Nuffnang! Hehe. Actually I just joined this for 2years and I don't know Nuffnang is about created and operated for almost 5years. Duhhh Im so sorry XD

So here we go through the task - how you think the famous Nuffnang stick man should celebrate his 5th birthday?

You need a 5-storey cake! Like seriously, eh and it must be blue. So that it will suit the guest's outfit. Nice huh ;) And make sure it will be enough for the guests ;p Hihihi

When it goes for a 5, I think for something childish. Balloons! Im pretty sure the event will become more glorious. I think there was a shop in Subang Jaya that sell all this kind of stuff. Its so cute. Maybe you can add some glitter on it.

Freebies ;)

Well, people love freebies. You can prepared it to all guest or maybe you can make a lucky draw. Ya, for some people who's lucky on that night :) So, we will have something to make as a remembrance.

Music is the best part. To make everybody enjoy the event, you can play some lovely song maybe? That people will enjoy most. 

Hihi so thats all. Sorry if its too boring XD I do think its interesting. I need a night to remember with Nuffnang! <3

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  1. epi belated befday nuffnang..hihi

  2. patutnye nuffnang patut bagi hadiah kat kita kan?? bagi la BE ke paling kurang kan??

  3. Rasa ketinggalan zaman gila saya ini T__T