My Favourite Smurfs

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                        Here I present youuuu..

Okay. Let me tell you, actually TheSmurfs had been appeared since 1958. And now, in 2011 TheSmurfs would like to representing their new story . I can bet you it would be more interesting, joy and fantastic :)
Moreover, TheSmurfs had been chased out from their village and threw away to our world, landing in New York Central Park with just three apple high  o.O  wow, how will they survive to get back to their own peace village.

How do I think that Smurf would help lead the others and find their way from New York City back to the Smurf Village?

Here the story begin. Once their realised they are at a really weird place they never been, this face must come out first.

They are all confused, but still maintain their cuteness Lol

Oh, they are freezing. After a moment, they had been discuss in a group how to get back to their village. Then, Grouchy got an idea. "How if we get on a high building and find out where our village is situated?".  They are all agreed and try to find out. They keep walking walking and walking till they reached in a high, very high building. Actually it is an office.

Okay, this is really a big city until our village gone =,= they thought

They feel very empty :'( They make such a crazy decision to jump from the building. Together they hold their hand. And 1, 2, 3! Jump! Bzzzzzzzzzzz  *wind
Tkkk! They were lucky. There they were, in a women's box :) So comfortable yah! 

Face when the woman going to cover up the box

Lalala and they reach the woman's home. She find out all TheSmurfs in there. "Hey what is this? You are so cute :) " She loves them and as she lives alone, she is pleasure if they want to stay with her. Day after day, week after week. And TheSmurfs told their problem to the woman. They need to get back to their village. They had too. But unfortunately, the woman is reluctant to release them away. Se loves them and all this while, they are only friends that she had. 

TheSmurfs think how to leave that place without hurting her feelings. She had been nice to them. So nice. "How if we give her a present and being straightforward bout our condition?". Suddenly Clumsy get into the conversation. So on that night, they sit together with her. They tie a ribbon on the woman finger. Then Smurfette say "This ribbon will always connecting us even we are at the end of the world. Our hearts will always be yours. We love you and hope you can understand our situation".

The woman replied "I've been thinking bout this problem the whole day. Don't worry, I've willing to release you guys. Keep our moment together, forever."

Suddenly, there was sparkling in the air. Like a magic. And they like flying up in the air. Here the secret.
Since they are thrown into other world, there should be a special way to get back into their own world. Their owner must released them without any force ;) The End.

My favourite Smurf must be Clumsy :)
He is so attractive especially when he make such a cute innocent face.

Lets raid the cinema to watch this movie on 1st September :

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